Be the change, you want to see.

Don't underestimate the power of your business🐱🐹, as a driver for a better economy! 🌍
For 2021, at MODERNA,  we embrace sustainability more than ever before. A couple of years ago, we teamed up with PSC, The Pet Sustainability Coalition. They guided us in our sustainability roadmap. Today, we can confirm this is not mission impossible, but realizing at the same time nobody is able to do this alone.

As an industry, there is so much we can accomplish better together. That's why we are proud to dedicate 2021 as the year of PSC. They are taking over from 4Ocean, which was our previous charity project♻️.
A big shoutout to the Pet Sustainability Coalition, a not-for-profit, that envisions a thriving and collaborative pet industry that creates a positive impact for the communities and environments where we do business. #newadventures #sustainability🥰