The essentials for your feline!

As a result of the pandemic, a large number of pets found new homes. In order for the new pet parents we have kept track of which products are important for your feline. Let's see what the essentials are!

Here's your feline's Checklist

The basics

  • A litterbox (each cat should have its own box).

  • Water and food bowls

  • Transport carrier

  • Scoop

  • Cat food

  • Cat litter

  • Cat scratching post


Bearing in mind a few vet visits will be essential to tick the following items off your list: 

  • Health check.

  • Dental care

  • Annual vaccinations.

  • Nutrition advice.

  • Make the decision whether to neuter or not.

Grooming and prevention

  • Brush

  • Flea comb

  • Cat shampoo

  • First aid kit with tick tweezers 

  • Deworming product 

  • Flea control

Playing and rewards with kitten stuff!

  • Interactive toys

  • Snacks

  • Cat grass

  • Household Items - be creative and make something for your feline

You will enjoy having a new friend in your home. Lots of love, fun and hugs guaranteed. But always remember: Adopt, don’t shop! 

Now which product is best to choose?

Road Runner

Easily transport your feline everywhere. Large ventilation openings ensure a constant fresh airflow.Made with premium quality plastic for long-lasting use.

Gusto Bowl

With lots of different colors and sizes to choose from, it’s easy to choose the best match for your four-legged friend. Our Gustos are made of +98% recycled plastic! 

Handy & Handy Max

Scooping helps litter last longer and prevents bad odors. Designed to make cleaning easier, the Handy & Handy Max has an ergonomic handle making it user-friendly.

KitCat Starterkit

New kitten in house? Our KitCat Starterkit is the ideal kit to give your new feline a warm welcome. It includes a scoop, a litter box with rim and a double non-slip bowl.