Happy together!

You have already seen it, haven't you 👀? We are so very excited about our partnership with the “Kortrijk Triennal for contemporary art” in Belgium. We have been able to share our vision on plastic through the eyes of the famous South Korean artist Mr. Choi. We are both convinced that “Plastic is fantastic! Mr.Choi searches the harmony between Man and Nature and suggests a method to make plastic reusable, and to rethink the spirit of plastic as something that is not merely disposable ♻️. In this context of sustainability and circularity, there is a perfect match with our own Moderna Green Pact in which we explain our yearly goals. By 2021 we aim at replacing 35% of our raw materials with materials from recycled origin.

💡 Fun Fact: the products used for this installation are 100% recyclable and at the end of the project, together with a partner, we will grind them on the spot and use them again in our production process. More information can be found at the following link.