Keep It Smart and Simple...

The Moderna version of a KISS to lead us into a sustainable future and a response to the recent ban in certain European countries on bamboo and melamine-based products.

Let’s not bash bamboo altogether, it being a bounteous renewable resource with enormous environmental benefits, but instead have a closer look at what kind of materials are most suitable for food in general, and melamine is not one of them.

The problem starts when manufacturers combine natural fibres with non-degradable plastic. At the end of the life-cycle, it’s impossible to separate those very components, which then end up on land-fill. Additionally, past research has taught us that melamine releases the toxic substance formaldehyde at higher temperatures. Mixed with fibres, the material can migrate much faster, releasing toxic substances from the melamine into your food.

That’s why we at Moderna focus on using materials that are totally food-safe and 100%

Step 1: All our products are made out of polypropylene which is totally food-safe and 100% recyclable. Status:

Step 2:
A step-by-step transition from 100% virgin material to 98% recycled material by 2030.
- 2020 : 80% virgin - 20% recycled
- 2021 : 65% virgin - 35% recycled 

That is why our mission remains the same: Creating smart plastics for happy pets!