Making a Change

Making a change starts within... and that's exactly what we are doing. With a hands-on mentality we're taking on our design- and manufacturing processes to transform them even further into responsible and smart. Our answer to tackling the environmental challenges is based on 4 R’s:

At MODERNA we have been embracing durability since day one. Sourcing premium quality raw materials and designing multi-use items that last a lifetime and are 100% recyclable, is all part of our vision on ecology. Along with a well thought process of optimized logistics.


We will be regularly posting news about 'Making a Change' based on these 4 R's. 

The kick-off is given under the 'Re-educating' category. Watch this TedxVlerickBusinessSchool movie about the Plastic Rehab given by Prof. dr. Kim Ragaert, UGhent.  


‘Re-educating‘ consumers is key to achieving behaviour change in this complex matter. Clear communication on how and why MODERNA is participating is instrumental in this.


The need to ‘re-duce’ is massive which is why we are focusing on delivering high quality, long-lasting products.


MODERNA doesn’t develop single use items, but instead only products we can ‘re-use’.


Once we’ve exhausted all of the previous stages, we need to ‘re-cycle’.

Sustainability is about so much more than ecology.

It is about all the initiatives guiding our
organisations into future proof businesses.