Global Pet Expo 2020
To begin with the earlier date in February, which was by many visitors received as a bonus. This allowed everybody to spread the input of "trade show inspiration" better. The biggest difference was the absence of almost all Chinese exhibitors. This dragged the attention once more to the revival of the "made in the USA" trend. Many companies are confronted with a disruption in their supply chain. This combined with the whole tariff issues, inventory challenges, and skyrocketing freight costs, gave the search for "made in the USA" alternatives another boost. And to end with a very positive note: a big shout out to the #PetSustainabilityCoalition for the launch of the "Flex Forward" program. It's the first pet industry-sponsored packaging collection program that will test the collection (from participating retailers) and recycling of used flexible plastic packaging from pet food and treats. Moderna committed to supporting by testing the different compounds, in order to find out how we can close the loop within the Pet Industry. If this is not exciting news!!! #PSC #ModernaGreenPact #FlexForward #17SDG's