Little effort from people...
Significant impact on pets!

MODERNA Pet Safety Sticker

Just in the USA alone, 500'000 pets are affected by home fires. To avoid these tragic accidents, we created the MODERNA Pet Safety Sticker. Our fire heroes can then see at a glance how many pets are present and rescue them! This number must drop urgently, and we want to contribute to this with our free and easy to download, home printable sticker. Let's make it easier for firefighters and better for pets and their pet-parents together.

Do you want to help? Share this message with all your pet buddies, and make sure every pet is safe!

How does it work?

1. Download the sticker below.

2. Print on plain or sticker paper.

3. Cut out and fill in.

4. Place it somewhere visible around the house.

5. Send us a picture of the result.

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