Making a Change

Since making a change starts from within, this is exactly what we are signing up for. With a hands on mentality we are making our design- and manufacturing processes even more responsible and smart. Our answer to tackling the environmental challenges is based on 4 R's:


‘Re-educating‘ consumers is key to achieving behaviour change in this complex matter. Clear communication on how and why we are participating is instrumental in this.


The need to ‘re-duce’ is massive which is why we are focusing on delivering high quality, long-lasting products.


We don’t develop single use items, but instead only products we can ‘re-use’.


Once we’ve exhausted all of the previous stages, we need to ‘re-cycle’.


First +98% Recycled Plastic

Time to share with you our next major step towards a sustainable future. Proudly presenting our Gusto Bowls, made out of 98% Recycled Plastic. Revolutionary Product Line: Made out of recycled plastic, food approved and BPA-free! In contemporary attractive colors: Aquarelle, Spicy Coral and Warm Grey.



Going Paperless

More MODERNA Green Pact news... In order to be a more sustainable business, we set our goal to go paperless! By doing this we reduce our office waste and carbon footprint drastically… Thanks to the help of our partner Arcade Business Consultancy, we achieved our goal and now we are saving more than 10.000 pieces of paper a year! Want to learn more? Watch the video! #Sustainability #ModernaForHappyPets #ModernaGreenPact


Ticking the box… SDG Number 12!

Our MODERNA USA plant in Gaffney SC is going for sustainable growth by installing their first "all-electric injection molding machine". It will be using energy a lot more efficiently, using fewer resources and performing to future standards. All-electric injection molding machines consume energy only when required for a given action, and the motor output is matched to load requirements. It's part of our sustainable plan written earlier this year; applying "betterness" in order to become a futureproofed organization. Stay tuned for more updates and join us for a ride towards a more sustainable world.

All-electric injection mould machine being placed in Gaffney, SC.


Cool New Cooling System

A new eco-friendly cooling system has been installed in our Belgium plant... the air cooled system allows us to increase capacity and also saves on electricity, which is always a good thing for the environment. The separate sections were carefully lowered into place by crane and were up and running the day after!! Cool stuff!!


Responsible Production

At MODERNA we have been embracing durability since day one. Sourcing premium quality raw materials and designing multi-use items that last a lifetime and are 100% recyclable, is all part of our vision on ecology. Along with a well thought process of optimized logistics. We're not only making a change on product level... the MODERNA production site in Belgium recuperates all the excess heat generated from their production and re-uses it to heat all of our buildings.

Moderna offices in Belgium

Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals.
They are both essential ingredients for long term success.

Bill Ford

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